Kochikame: Ski Trip

You should always be careful when on a winter vacation in Canada, like Ryotsu is in episode 49.

Because you never know when a bare-bottom'd skier might crash into the front of you.

And then pull down your pants.

You just have to watch out for these sorts of things.


  1. ...and tying into my comment on the MGS post, posts like these please me greatly.

    (To be fair, in general Stash posts please me greatly. However, I do approve even more enthusiastically than I normally do.)

    Somehow, I'm beginning to wonder whether the Kochikame anime is just an excuse to throw in as much subtexty material as humanly possible. (Also in all fairness, this is a thought that pops in my head with regards to 90% of all anime I watch.)

  2. This is the primary reason why I wear long underwear when I ski. :|