Kochikame: Two Posts in One

So my plan is to keep capping all the "most juiciest parts", as iKevinly put it in the shoutbox, of Kochikame until I reach episode 100, and then take a break for a while. This show has a lot of episodes! But screencap posts have always been my favorite kind to do, so I appreciate everyone's good faith as I continue doing this series.

This phase, like all others, shall eventually pass and then we'll be back to business as usual around here!

We've now reached episode #64. Everyone's been in that situation where they try and quickly change clothes on a moving elevator, right?

But for some reason when Ryotsu tries it . . .

The elevator seems to stop on every floor.

Going up, Mister Kankichi?

And for this next scenario . . .

I'll let you make up your own story to go with these pictures. Why is Ryotsu naked in the middle of this big crowd?

Use your imagination!

I bet it'll be good. And you know you want to.

And then share with the rest of the class.

. . . My!


  1. This is long over due but, you mentioned that your watching it dubbed, so here's a link to original japanese/chinese.
    Left channel is chinese, right channel is japanese.....or was it other way around....anyway, big fan of your work, and I'm working my way through it too. If you don't know chinese or japanese, it's still nice to here the orignal voice acting

  2. Oh my gosh NightyKigen, thank you so much! I really appreciate this!

  3. I love this guy so much that i have been photoshopping dicks on him for fun, maybe when im done i coud post some on the bara forums.

  4. how do you switch to right channel anyway?