Kochikame: Bathhouse Hijinks

Two posts in one day!? That's practically unheard of around here. Guess I've got Kochikame fever! This scene is from episode 12 and begins like all the best scenes do.

With Ryo-san's butt.

Hunky, hairy, nakey Ryotsu enters the bathhouse to find . . .

Somebody already there! With . . . quite a provocative pose!

This older gentleman is familiar to Ryotsu. At first I thought it might be his dad due to their similar body-types, but it turns out he's not! Like I mentioned previously, I could only find the series dubbed in Spanish so I can only vaguely infer, or make up(!), what they're saying to each other. Oh well!

But they definitely are rivals. Before this scene took place they'd spent the majority of the episode engaging in more and more outlandish competitions involving posing, yukatas, and festival parade floats. Seeing him again inspires a great rage in Ryo-san, and madness overtakes him!

He rushes in for a naked tackle!


Hot hot hot HOT!!!

That's the situation they're in when prettyboy and fellow police officer Nakagawa enters.

Oh god his eyes!

Then the idea strikes them. A sure-fire way to determine who's really the toughest.

They climb back into the scalding hot bath . . .

And lower themselves in! This is a man's challenge!

Ryotsu is the first to cry out. Oh, the heat's intense!

But so is their determination.

Who will last the longest?

It's too much to bear . . . !

Lobster red! Men weren't meant for such trials!!

That's when the bathhouse explodes.

Yep, that's how it happened.


  1. Damn you, conveniently-placed boards!

  2. They are so cute! Soup, what is your favorite type
    of man?

  3. Ummmm they are no relatives. They are just enemies of the shrine's competition. After that they still competing at everything.
    Thank you for the pics ;) nice body hehehehe

  4. Really? Dag! My assumptions were off then. *edits edits edits* Thanks for the info!

  5. TRY THESE: Kochikame 293 (MACRO MUSCLE)


    You'll love it

  6. Where can i watch, get them on dvd or download them?

  7. You were right, anonymous episode provider. I did!

    Other anon, I've been downloading them from here: http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B129-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html