Kochikame: Locked in Locker

So this one time, in order to avoid another encounter with Ohara, Ryotsu hides with his subordinate Honda in an . . .

. . . old locker.

But little did they know that this locker is actually to be shipped out of the station that day!

Still, they enjoy peeking at their boss through the slot in the door.

That is, until a space heater is placed by where they are.

Perilously close by!

The heat soon starts to get to them.

Trapped in that metal box together, it's like being in an oven!

Hmm, how does that song go . . . ?

"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"?

This is where Honda wigs out! It seems that every time he's alone with Ryotsu one or both of them get naked.

But Ryotsu angrily snaps back that, hey, it's hot in there! Clearly there's nothing gay or contrived about any of this!

So Honda reluctantly joins in . . .

And soon they're both in there, panting . . .

. . . and sweating . . .

. . . in their underwear . . . (nice bulge, Ryo-san)

Ohara tries to open the locker at one point, but Ryotsu holds it shut so he can keep enjoying private sauna time with Honda.

In such a confined space, it's natural to feel closer to the man you're with.

Even trying out a variety of . . . positions.

Oh wait, no, that's just because they're being shipped out.

What a predicament!

They get into a variety of misadventures.

Kochikame, episode 76.


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