Kochikame: Meet the Boss

This is Ryo-san's boss, Daijiro Ohara. Whoops! Haha, maybe I'm giving you the wrong first impression of the man. I mean, while strict, he's not a horrible monster or anything right?

Hmmm, but this suits his personality even less . . .

And he's definitely not incompetent! Although, Ryotsu's antics sometimes do make him lose his cool.

And this is just . . . well, goodness!

Ahh, that's better! This is Daijiro Ohara, Chief Patrol Officer of Katsushika. He's the guy who's always shouting at Ryotsu for slacking off on the job.

Yeah, like this.

Yep, with his evil Hitler mustache and reliance on discipline, Ohara is a traditional man in charge of his more rambunctious younger officers. He often catches Ryotsu in the middle of one of his zany schemes, though he's rarely able to stop the insanity.

Many an episode ends with Ryotsu being chased around by his boss promising punishment on him. These chases end in what I can only imagine to be good spankings off-camera. (hey, I can dream can't I?)

Anywho, this scene is from episode 29 and begins like all the best scenes do.

With Ryo-san's butt.

Ryotsu is taking a bath in his boss's home. Cultural note: In Japan this is probably pretty normal(!!!)

A minute later Ohara also enters, bringing some bathing supplies with him. Aww, how nice!


The truth is, earlier in the episode Ryotsu had played an involved prank on his boss, switching the contents of those shampoos and bubble baths with fun things like, uh . . .

Cement mix.

Seeing that this can only end in tragedy, Ryo-san makes to exit stage left . . .

But before he can . . .

His boss pulls him back in! Hahah, he figures that Ryotsu must just be shy.

A very nervous Ryotsu watches . . .

As the contents of the first bag are poured in.

Which mixture did it contain?

Well, Ohara doesn't seem to notice anything yet.

Maybe he'll make it out of this yet!

Still, better safe than sorry.

D'oh! Caught again!

His boss is demanding to know why Ryotsu won't come in the water with him!

Eventually Ryo-san frees himself by applying the force of his big ass.

But unfortunately, now he's got no choice.

If he still refused to dip in now, it would be a grave insult against his host.

Here goes . . .

Ryotsu doesn't notice Ohara putting in the next powder until it's too late.

The chief pushes his hairy subordinate back in!


Cooling his flaming hot body under the shower, Ryotsu tries to pass it off as nothing.

Luckily, he manages to convince Ohara that it's back-scrubbing time now.

But when it's Ryotsu's turn . . .

He starts to hilariously fall for all the traps he himself planted. First up is the razor sharp sponge.

Next . . .

Burning acid on his scratched back!
Ryotsu's had enough! He makes to leave yet again.

But Ohara won't have it!

Sticking his, uh, into Ryotsu's, um.

Oh Ryotsu. If you didn't know what your boss's rape face looked like before, you do now.

Back into the water they go.

But what's this?

No, not the third powder!

Too late, Ryotsu can't prevent it's addition to the already dangerous mix.

Must escape!

Oh no you don't!


In their mad struggles, neither realizes at first . . .

How . . .

The water around them is suddenly a lot more . . . solid.

What a sight!

And that's how Ryo-san ended up glued rump-to-groin with his boss.


  1. Bara-friendly humor is so refreshing. 8D

  2. This series is chock full of it!

  3. How many episodes are in this show? or is it a movie??

    either way, I wanna see it!!

  4. Kochikame is HUGE. There are over 300 episodes. And I believe several movies as well!

  5. Daijiro rape = do want ;_;

  6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/203/9en0.jpg/