Kochikame: Now We're On a Roll

So I guess this is just gonna be Kochikame week! Geez this show has a lot of manservice in it. People who don't like long screencap posts, uhh, come back later!

Anywho, today's scene is from episode 45 and begins like all the best scenes do.

With Ryo-san's butt.

I'm not sure what the bespectacled man bathing with Ryotsu's name is, but he's a new rookie policeman who's been clashing with our hirsute protagonist prior to this segment.

Well, these two probably just need a comedic sequence of action, panic, near-death encounters, forced nudity, wedding crashing, and teamwork to iron out their differences and become fast friends, right?


Oh, hey! Cute little kids!

They clear out pretty quick under Ryotsu's friendly eye.

Time for his regular weigh-in!

But what's this? The boys left something on the scale.

Which Ryotsu unknowingly steps on.

It only takes a moment for him to realize . . .

His feet are stuck!

Luckily his fellow officer is there to help.

. . . by sticking his head between Ryotsu's legs.

Specs soon realizes what the problem is.

When his knees are captured by the same glue that claimed Ryotsu's feet.

Uh oh!

Just then . . .

Reckless driving causes a truck to swerve off the road!

Crashing into . . .

The same bathhouse that Ryotsu's in!


Luckily, no one was hurt. However . . .

The impact does cause one of the floorboards to come loose . . .
The floorboard which the scale just happened to be resting on.

Causing them to roll downhill--

Out of the bathhouse--

Through the fence--

Onto the street--

And down a hill!

As their speed increases, things just go from bad to worse.

Now THIS is a pickle.

But no time to get embarrassed! (hahah, em-bare-assed, get it? . . . never mind)

They're headed straight into traffic!

Where are the brakes on this thing!?

There's only one thing to do.

Ryotsu tries using the gravity-defying powers of his ass to change their course . . . but no good.

What now?

There's more than one ass on this scale!

By their powers combined, the two make their way onto a side road.

But no time to relax.

They may be out of immediate danger, but they're still careening out of control without pants.

What will be their next obstacle?

Meanwhile, a traditional marriage ceremony is taking place nearby.

Surely nothing could ruin such an auspicious occasion.

Nothing but a pair of man butts!

Best. Wedding. Crash. Ever.

They barely avoid colliding with the altar.

Ryotsu waves gaily to the happy couple as they make their exit, no doubt wishing their union well.

And just like that, he's gone.

But he'll always live on in their hearts.

After a few more near-misses . . .

The two finally come to a very relieved stop.

But what's this . . .

A robbery occurs, right before Ryo-san's eyes!

Say what you will about these two. They may be bungling, they may be naked, they may be glued down in an embarrassing position, but they're still police officers. No way can they let such a crook get away!

It takes a bit of experimenting.

But eventually they inch their way into the intersection.

Grabbing hold of a passing car . . .

For some reason this lady FREAKS OUT that a hairy naked man is hanging onto her vehicle.

Still, that gives them some momentum.

To grab onto another automobile!

They "ride" this one for a short distance keeping track of the motorcycle.

Here's where they get off!

Things are going well so far . . .

Ryo-san flags down a passing truck and begs the driver for help.

. . . He's all too happy to!

He puts the pedal to the mettle, propelling them forward!

Er, backward!

Fueled by hot-blooded determination as firm as the thighs gripping his head . . .

A bump in the road bounces them up into the air.

With enough force to finally dislodge Ryotsu's companion!

This is good police work in action, people.

Crook: Apprehended!

But what about Ryo-san?

He . . . actually fell completely off the bridge.



They fish him out with a magnet.

And ogle his body.

All's well that ends well?


  1. That is so stick and hilarious in the most latently homoerotic way possible. :]

  2. GAY GAY GAY and i love it, i want Ryo-san's balls on gthe back if my head now.

  3. You sir must send me a link to this episode!
    I must add a clip of this to my embarrassment collection! XD

  4. Oops, I forgot to include the episode #!

    It's number 45! http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B129-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html

  5. This is the best show ever.

    Slapstick barebutt humiliation of straight guys? YES.