Kochikame: Dirty Pictures

This other time in episode 55, Ryotsu put up filthy images of Ohara and another policeman.

It was part of a prank to get back at them for . . . something.

Turns out he just digitally placed their heads onto, um, gay porn actor's bodies?

It seems he had quite a collection to use . . .

Later on, he humiliated a bunch of thugs by stripping them naked, putting flowers in their mouths, and posing them seductively.

Then he took pictures.

The moral of the story is that, er, Ryotsu really likes pictures of naked dudes.

But then, don't we all?

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  1. You really had me cracking up at the end. "But then, don't we all?" I love that your blog is at once hilarious and, erm, exciting.