Kochikame: Laundry Day

I bet a bunch of you college kids have this problem that Ryotsu has in episode 57.

What do you do when you don't have time to do your laundry very often? And when you do, the clothes you're already wearing are dirty too?

Well, if you're Ryo-san you wash everything at once.

Since he knows his friend Honda is in the same situation Ryotsu looks at him expectantly, waiting for the guy to join him.

But Honda, when he isn't on a motorcycle at least, is shy! He swallows nervously. Where have we seen an expression like Ryo-san's got before?

. . . oh, right . . .

Honda tries to escape but he's grabbed and pulled from behind!

Then he's straddled by Ryotsu and unwillingly divested of all his clothing. His kicks, squirms, and whining does no good because the hairy hunk on him is having just too much fun to listen.

. . . God, Ryotsu. I'm not even gonna bother pretending you're straight anymore if you keep pulling stuff like this.

Anyway . . .

I guess Ryotsu is just USED to being constantly nude by this point in the show, because he settles down with a magazine while Honda can only stand there in his birthday suit looking very embarrassed.

Honda worries that someone else might come into the laundromat while they're like this, but Ryotsu tells him not to worry.


The police box's token woman who's not transexual, Reiko is seen coming their way!

Ryotsu panics. They can't let cute Reiko see them like this!

What to do?

What to do!?

The ceiling!

Well, there's nothing out of the ordinary here.

It's difficult for Ryotsu to keep his grip . . .

And even more difficult for Honda!

Which is why a second later he slips and falls--into the machine Reiko was about to use.

She shrieks!

The sound causes Ryotsu to cover his ears . . . not realizing he needs those for clinging purposes.

Uh oh!

She shrieks again!

Having had enough naked men for one day I guess, she flees the scene.

. . . after beating them up.

But then the two hear something else approaching . . .

The sound of a police siren!

A cop car pulls up . . .

And Ohara steps out of it!

I guess he heard a report of a couple flashers in here.

But the place seems empty . . .

Now where could they be?

Oh well, while he's here I guess he can do some laundry.

Start this baby up . . .

Spin cycleeeeeee

The door bulges out appearing to want to open, so Ohara has to hold it shut.

Until bursts out . . .

A pair of bare-ass dudes.

Your laundry's ready!


Yeah, a bunch of you college kids probably have this problem . . .


  1. man that whole situation was hot, love when his butt is stuck in the washer with his legs sticking up like that

  2. Not gonna lie - I was reading this post expecting just your average manservice (which is a word I'm using from now on) and situations taken gloriously out of context.

    Then I got to the part where you compared facial expressions and now I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears.

    ...you are right, though. That totally IS Akaji's rape face Ryotsu has going on there. (...okay, THAT specific rape face. Now that I remember Dragon Red, every face is Akaji's rape face.)

  3. Ok, so out of sheer curiosity, I pulled up Kochikame on Wikipedia and didn't notice any "Homoeroticism" section. I'm starting to wonder if one of us should go add it. <.<

  4. Where did you find the episodes?

  5. I guess I need to start just putting the link in every new post because nobody reads the comments for the old ones.