Kochikame: Fighting for Love and Justice

So one day (in episode 84) these two blokes show up.

They want to recruit the Kochikame crew to battle the forces of evil with them. But Ryotsu will have none of it!

This macho senshi, however, won't take no for an answer.

His Moon Wand acts as a restraining device!

After tying the rude cop up . . .

His partner finishes the job with a swift depantsing.

I don't remember anything like this happening in Sailor Moon.

Oh well! In the end our heroes show their magical girl side that we each have waiting inside us.

Sailor fukus aren't the only costumes these guys have though . . .


  1. What ep was this one XD.

  2. Hello, Soup, where to watch this? I've searched all over the internet, but none to be found... T^T