Battle Pope

This post might send you straight to Hell.

After the Rapture comes, there's only one man who can protect the people from a demon infested Earth and score lots of booty while doing so.

He is Battle Pope!

He was trained in martial arts by Bruce Lee, because a pope needs to be ready for anything.

Starting out as a short, ugly, overweight man . . .

He was soon blessed by God with a big, beefy, super-heroic bara body with which to combat the forces of Evil.

This new and improves body had substantial improvements in the arms, glutes, and genital areas.

His first mission? To rescue the (naked) Archangel Michael who's being held prisoner by Lucifer.

Along the way, he runs into several misadventures. Including a tentacle monster!

Bedding a demon.

Not bedding her father!

Just kinda hanging out in his shorts a lot.

Another tentacle monster!

Growing a beard.

And yelling at God!

But eventually he does succeed, though Michael's looking a bit worse for wear.

And Pope's spandex is a bit ripped.

You should know by now that I have a bit of a thing for ripped spandex.

Thankfully, Pope doesn't change clothes for a while.

And when he does, it's only to show even more skin.

Whatta hunka man!

Anywho, Pope is roommates with Jesus.

And Jesus' jockstraps.

And he spends a lot of time . . .

Naked . . .

In bed . . .

With ladies . . .

Being promiscuous!

It's really quite scandalous for a pope.

But well, with a body like that, who can blame the ol' horndog!

Though his piece ain't got nothing on God's.

Have I mentioned yet that God may be a bit gay for Michael?

I guess it's a clergy fetish.


  1. Ahh this piece of nasty filth, love it and the demons visable balls in the saint michael spinoff comic but more of ryotsu please.

  2. You would think the comic would have a bit more shota considering the topic and all.

  3. lol jammo! nice one!

    I loved the page with God and Michael, so funny.

  4. Oh Gawd... I demand the full complete comic!!
    Where did you found it Croup?

  5. This (and . . . pretty much any other comic ever, lol) is not too hard to find with a bit of judicious googling/torrent searching!

  6. full comic, with black and white, colour (with the uncensored popes ball hanging outside his boxers and the saint michael spinoff).


    Downloaded it and its seems clean (used virgin medias pc guard, avg, malwarebytes,spybot and adaware).

  7. @Athen:
    Is it okay If I ask you to upload it on MF, RS or MU?
    My internet connection cant handle torrent. I only got 3-5 KB/sec (even if the file has 20 seeds)