Fire Emblem

If there's one thing Fire Emblem games are known for besides their epic fantasy scope and strategic RPG gameplay, it's their hunky men.

Their BIG, hunky men.

Now with the occasional animal feature!


  1. Milking picture = awesome.

  2. I've always liked that pic with the three massive guys giving the really tiny guy a group hug. I'd LOVE to be engulfed in all that cuddling muscle ~<3

  3. Ah yes, to be afloat in a sea of biceps, and pecs, and... oh, is that driftwood? ; )

  4. thanks for this awesome collection of pictures on Fire Emblem! if you are interested,I can send you a few drawing I have by Masamune Shirow, who did the character design for one version of the game. They are not as hot as the one you posted, but they are very fine.

  5. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite games, eveeeer *-*

    Nice galery~

  6. yo SoupGoblin

    Fire Emblem is good (i love the Laguz men) but you gotta be careful, if a character dies they're gone FOREVER!!!

    The games are notorious for this feature,

    also, any pics of the Laguz fucking someone, being fucked in their animal forms?

  7. Oh laud, is that Saji, Maji, Barts group hugging Marth? My life is now complete. :3