Kochikame: Bathhouse Shenanigans

We're up to episode 97 now, folks! This was actually the first real episode I ever watched and I wanted to do a post on it right away (you'll see why), but instead made myself wait because of my compulsion for doing screencap posts in proper order.

But now we've finally made it!

Anywho, this scene begins, like all the best scenes do, with Ryo-san's butt.

Ryotsu energetically runs into the bathhouse (heedless of the wet floor tiles! for shame) and--wait a second. Is this the same bathhouse from that Patlabor episode? Or do all bathhouses in Japan just have the same general layout and giant painting? Someone inform me!

Anyway, um.


Ahh, how relaxing!

Ryotsu is then joined by . . .

. . . Saigo!

It, um, it seems that he wears all his weapons even into the bath. (and shaves his pubes)



Ryostu barely prevents him from blasting the whole place apart in time.

(oh god that ass)

Turns out Saigo was only reacting to Ryotsu's partner, Nakagawa, coming in. You all remember Nakagawa, don't you?

Well, maybe not. I haven't talked about him much because of his unfortunate pretty boy looks.

But Ryotsu has a problem with Nakagawa this episode. Can you tell what it is?

It's that he's wearing a towel to the baths!

Ryotsu can't have that! It's . . . it's unmanly! Like Takamura before him, Ryo-san is against any covering of the male body while at the baths, especially if it prevents him from looking at his fellow officers' penises.

Well, only one thing to do!

Ryo-san's butt-cheeks flex and wobble as he makes his way closer . . .

Almost there . . .

Almost . . .


Gah! So close!

Ryotsu bemoans his failed attempt.

While a flustered Nakagawa is thoroughly scandalized.

Oh, but the scandalizations are just starting.

But what's this?

Now Honda walks in to join them. Is there some sort of special promotion for policeman at this bathhouse or something?

Anyway, Ryotsu takes this opportunity to point out to Nakagawa how Honda's a real man. He shows his dick proudly!

Then he points out Nakagawa's towel-clad state to Honda, who is of course shocked at the display of . . . decency!

A little demonstration of how great it feels to be naked is in order!

Ryotsu and Saigo begin a roleplay.


It's the "flop your cock around!" dance!

See how happy he is? I don't understand why Nakagawa doesn't want to join in.

Okay, it seems that rich boy can't be convinced. Only one thing left to do.

Take his towel by force!!

Saigo and Ryotsu rush in as one.

It's for Nakagawa's own good!

I'm pretty sure the bathhouse has rules against this kind of rough-housing.

I'm not sure what Ryo-san is doing here, but apparently it's bad enough to warrant censoring his entire body.

Now they've got him!

But Nakagawa puts up even more a struggle than they'd expected!

In the end, it seems their efforts were for naught.

Nakagawa protects the view of his privates like a nun protects her chastity.

The only explanation is that Nakagawa must be . . .

. . . chicken!

Oh well! They all get back to their body washing.

And Nakagawa gets to relax comfortably for a bit.

That's when Ryotsu unveils one of his usual schemes.

Because Nakagawa's not naked, he's not included!

Hahahah, too bad for him.

Whatever it is, it's got these men quite aroused.


Let's get to it!

To . . .

. . . the female side!

Yeah, that's right. Who couldn't see this coming?

A huddle is called for as they discuss the finer details of their plan.

And make a final vow t cover each other's backs. This is a man's promise!

And so, they leave Nakagawa on his own.

Unfortunately dressed in towels themselves now. Dx

The usual hijinks ensue.

But if you thought they'd actually see anything, I have a bridge to sell you.

Meanwhile . . .


Nakagawa is molested by an older gentleman!

Ryotsu and crew run back, the victims of a hot water attack.

Only to stop short.

At a most unappealing sight.

Old men need love too~

Later on in the episode, there's like character development and junk. Lessons are learned, friends are made!

And Nakagawa decides . . .

Go for it!

A satisfying conclusion for all.


  1. "Nakagawa is molested by an older gentleman!"

    Oh god, I laughed so hard. Anyway, are you sure this isn't some bara show? Like, it isn't intended to be porn?

  2. I'm kind of confused. I always thought that Kochikame was a manga series. Where are you getting all of these screenshots, because I didn't know that it was a TV show! Is there somewhere online that we can watch it?!

  3. Sure Collywogs. In addition to being a huge manga series, Kochikame is also a (less huge, but still quite monstrous) 300+ episode anime series.

    The trouble is, they're practically impossible to find online. At least, if you're me! The series has never properly been picked up for subbing. There's also never been a proper DVD release of the series (even in Japan, I believe) which makes it difficult to get good quality rips from. Once upon a time the raws were available on youtube, but those days are over since they were all removed for copyright reasons. I've been watching the Spanish dubbed episodes from here: http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B141-203-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html

    You can also watch it in it's original Japanese, or dubbed in Chinese here: http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6955283

  4. Aww dammit! I, unfortunately, know none of those languages (I blame America and it's damn English-only education), so I guess I'm going to have to wait until the day that this series might be release with subtitles!

    It's a pity too, because everytime I see the screen shots you post, it always makes me think of how hot this show is! It's like a bara-lover's dream!

    Regardless: keep up the amazing work! I love your blog, and drool over all of the updates!

  5. I LOVE the shots of his ass while he's crawling <3 Makes me wanna just art his cheeks and go to town~

  6. Agreed,見猿

    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_UYq3yI0ZvPU/S-GIgZ54I0I/AAAAAAAAP7Q/Dlol7u_QT1Q/s1600/snapshot20100407125518.jpg is by far my favorite scene from this whole episode!

  7. Could be same bath, but doesn't have to be. Layouts can be pretty similar and having the traditional murals is considered an amenity.

    There is a distinction between real natural hot springs (onsen) and a man made bathhouse (sento). This looks like a sento or could even be a super sento from the size. Super sentos have all kinds of whistles and bells and are included in nighttime entertainment places that are like a big Chuckie Cheese with an arcade, restaurant and karaoke. All part of a good night out with friends.

    The towel thing is weird in anime since the biggest thing I was told was to never let your towel touch the water in the bath. Everything but skin is considered to contaminate the quality of the water. It can be polite to cover just your most precious parts while you walk around, but it's never consistent. If a guy wrapped a towel around him like in this episode, it was usually cause he was done drying off or for variety maybe.

  8. I really like Nakagawa and I think he might be my favorite character in terms of looks. Are there any more nude shots of him from the back?

    And what's wrong with "his unfortunate pretty boy looks?"

  9. They're unfortunate is all! To my penis.

    But here's a few more shots of him.


  10. do you know how can i watch online

  11. Okay, if I haven't said it before:

    It is official. Kochikame is the gayest anime in existence. Or at least the most closeted.

    Also, this post needs more of Ryo-san's ass.

    Also, this is probably the only place where I will ever read the phrase "unfortunate pretty boy looks." (And that is why I love the Stash like a fat kid loves cake.)

    Also, this post totally killed my cell phone (although, to be fair to it, it wasn't meant for so much beef at once). Which might have been a good thing - I don't know if the lady next to me on the train saw.

    (And also, I Stash on public transportation. If you see a tall black guy trying to not bust out in laughter/bust out PERIOD on an NJT train, you have found me.)

  12. I prefer Nakagawa, I want to download those episodes, can you help me saying the number of those episodes?


    I'm sorry for my bad english. When I saw the pics, I had to go to see all your post, I but I found nothing about it