Kochikame: Slip 'n Slide

Episode 101. This is why you should always be careful where you build your vacation house.

Because if it starts to tilt . . .

It could be very inconvenient for the poor saps inside.

You should also be careful where you grip your boss's pants.

Because if you're not careful . . .

Well, accidents can happen.

Right out the door!

How em-bare-ass-ing for Ohara.

Ryotsu hangs on for dear life . . .

It's a long way down!

But the house just keeps tilting further . . .

He can't hold on much longer!

And at last . . .

He lets go!

This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Pressed on all sides by those thick hams!

It takes all of Ryo-san's strength to get both himself and Ohara's ass to safety!

And that's how Ryotsu got a faceful of his boss's butt.


  1. Another weird but hot scene from Kochikame! XD

  2. OMG that is the funniest (and strangely hot) thing I've ever seen from all those Kochikame posts: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UYq3yI0ZvPU/S-jDQGQUz1I/AAAAAAAAQSQ/ese-120Tf-g/s1600/snapshot20100503100524.jpg
    Priceless! XD

  3. Where in the heck do these writers come up with this stuff! lol

  4. It's like Naked Man Loony Toons! You gotta wonder whether female nudity just isn't comical or stuff like this just tickles everyone's gay bone. :D

  5. Wow, you know that cartoon is pretty crazy. Can you imagine a writer sitting and suggesting: OH! This is what we're gonna do! ASS IN THE FACE!

    I wonder how that went over at the meetings...