Ahh, the race of noble Gargoyles.

Stone by day, warriors by night!

Every night when they break free of their statue forms, they gotta roar an' flex.

Goliath, hunky leader of the Manhattan Clan.

So majestic.

So muscular.

So strong.

So proud.

So powerful!

And so often . . .

Locked in some form of kinky bondage.

Writhing . . .


Well, I guess they all get it pretty regularly.



Brooklyn and Lex.

It's just a natural part of being a gargoyle apparently.

But still, it seems to happen to Goliath more than most.

Or anyone who's with him.

The show always emphasizes their helpless state during the day.

But they usually seem pretty darn helpless at night too.

(not that I really mind)

It's because Gargoyles villains are usually really smart and well-prepared that the heroes get dominated so much!

That's just part of the job.

When you're . . .

A gargoyle!


  1. ^_^ I really like Gargoyles ^_^ I felt in love with Goliat when I was a teenager hehehe.

    Thanks, it's good to remember this stuff ^_^

  2. Nice story, but you`re right, tying up was the hardest thing that could happen to them, since Disney wasn`t able ti kill them all the time ^^
    But Goliath always was damn hot!

  3. This is awesome!!!
    This was like...my favorite everything when i was a kid xD i will always remember this cartoon *_*

  4. Hahah, it's still one of my favorite shows ever, even as an adult. I recently re-watched the whole series again (which lead to the creation of this post) and the crazy awesome plot arcs still hold up. Check out the newer graphic novels if you haven't already, Devilman!

  5. I always though Gargoyles was a dark disney show, is that true?

  6. Dark? I never really thought so as a kid. You could call it "mature" though.

    Unless you meant "dark" as in "most of it takes place at night" in which case you'd be correct. xD;;