Kochikame: Kick the Can

Kick the can (also known as Tip the can) is a children's game related to tag, hide and seek, and capture the flag which can be played outdoors, with as many as three to a few dozen players. The game is one of skill, strategy, and stealth as well as fleetness.

One person or a team of people is designated as "it" and a can or similar object – paint can or metal pail or bucket – is placed in an open space: the middle of a backyard, a green, a cove or cul de sac, parking lot or street. The other players run off and hide while "it" covers his or her eyes and counts to a previously decided number. "It" then tries to find and tag each of the players. Any player who is tagged (caught and touched) is sent to the holding pen (jail) which is simply a designated area for all the captured players to congregate, generally in plain sight of the can. Any player who has not been caught can "kick the can". If they can do this without being caught, then all of the captured players are set free. If "it" catches all of the players he or she wins that round and generally a new "it" is designated for the next round.

So what's a sure-fire way to win at this game?

Why, to put all of your clothing on various animals and use them as bait.

While you hide somewhere . . .

Only to burst out stark naked!

And then . . .

Make a wild dash for the can before you're tagged out!

Ryotsu's plan worked perfectly.

The can is in sight . . .

All he's gotta do . . .

is . . . !
Kick it!

A bone jarring OWWWW

What's all this then?

That conniving lass Saotome put the can over a stake!

And it's impossible to pull off!

Meanwhile, she's speedily on her way to tag him.

But Ryotsu won't lose this game so easily!

Kick the can is serious business!

One more run . . . Whoever makes it there first wins!

Putting all his gusto into this move . . .

Ryotsu kicks it loose!

. . . only to, OW, receive a kick himself.

Still, the game is won.

All the men cheer.

Even these two lovebirds.

Kick the can.


  1. Naked fetal position Ryo-san is adorable. And the two cops holding hands made me giggle. :3

  2. ...surprisingly, I was not expecting Ryotsu to devise a plan that required him to be completely nude.

    After my initial shock, I have no idea how I DIDN'T figure it out from the start.

  3. episode number please :3