Genji Ikusabe

Oh my goodness, a screencap post that's not Kochikame? Wow, I guess they still do happen! Well, sometimes.

*cough* Anyway, this fella is Genji Ikusabe. He's from Busou Renkin, a show with an awesome theme song because it's by fucking Basara. Not that I'm biased in favor of anything even remotely tangential to Macross or anything.

*cough* ANYWAY, this guy's special power is incredible regeneration. What happens if he loses, say, an arm?

Why, that's a cinch!

In mere seconds it comes back, good as new.

So then his opponent, the depraved homosexual Papillon, decides the only way to kill him is to destroy his entire body at once.

Makes sense, I suppose! But wait . . .

Amazing! Even from total destruction, his beefcake bod can rebuild itself.

In fact, the only drawback seems to be . . .

That his clothes don't regenerate with him.

Best. Fight. Ever.

Ikusabe then gets down with his nude self.



Showing off dem abs.

Might be overcompensating for something? Naaaaaah


Eventually though, the poor hunk gets taken down.

When his arm kinda gets removed.

And his spear (which, like all great phallic imagery, is the source of his power) gets stolen from him.

Aww, it's not fair!

But still so beautiful, even in defeat . . .

Taken from episodes 18-19. Thanks to Alazarr who tipped me off on this show a WHILE back, and even sent me links to watch and junk! ♥


  1. It looks like I just got something added to my "To Watch" list! ^_^

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  3. Mr Coup, You should make a list of " Naked Hunky Guy on Anime". If you do I can help you, I got a few Anime listed XD

  4. Hahah, that's pretty much what my blog's been doing since day one, Crim. ;D

  5. In the screen cap of him attacking while in air... definitely thought his foot was a different appendage...

  6. Mr. Coup do you got MSN? XD

  7. omg i just started to watch this when you posted it, creepy

  8. read the manga. He is way beffier in there. I think he showed up in vol 8 or 9

  9. What number of this episode?