Don't mind me. I'm gonna be over here putting up some King of Fighters stuffz~

Let's start with Goro Daimon! He's a big ol' judo master who wears traditional wooden getas into fights.

Generally he's on what's known as the Hero Team, and has an affinity with the element of earth!

I like a down-to-earth man.

Even hot cosplayers like him.

He starts off as your run-of-the-mill muscle guy.

But thickens up as the series progresses.

Until he's got quite the formidable muscle-gut.

He even takes a paternity break at one point to go off and have a son.

Cute little tyke, taking after his old man. :3


That buff, stoic, sunglass-wearin' man.

Lately his wardrobe's been looking a bit more Rambo-y.

Speaking of Clark . . .

You can't mention him without his partner Ralf, right?

Joeeee! I will always love and will never get tired of reposting your pictures! ♥

The Fatal Fury Team is my favorite~

They're just all so cool.

Especially JOEEEEEE

Next up is Takuma Sakazaki. He's a mature older daddy-type who can shoot giant fireballs with his bare hands.

He's a bit of a silly character sometimes.

He's got a big scar on his chest, which he likes to show off after winning some matches by baring his whole upper body.
He's got some on his back, too!

For a while he was the same team as his son Ryo and disciple Robert, but later on he joined the kickass "Old Men" team.

Speaking of Ryo.

He's pretty hunky too.

And he likes to emulate daddy with the chest exposure. :3

And a few randoms to wrap things up . . .

I've been playing a lot of King of Fighters lately.


  1. OHHH!
    SNK fighters are between the best!
    I love Iori, but he's not beefy. ~_~

  2. Never played this game, but I find fighters to be the sexiest type of hunky! I play Street Fighter pretty much solely to see those muscled men grapple and wrestle with each other.

    That pic of Joe where you can see his upper-butt naked (it's about halfway down the page), is that from the game cutscene, or was that an edited pic? If that pic's straight from the video game, I might have to play it this week!

  3. Can't get enough Clark and Ryo. Too bad for the extreme lack of nude pics...oh well.

  4. Colly, every picture in this post (besides the cosplay one, lol) is official art. That butt-shot of Joe is indeed straight from one of the games, and is one of the reasons I love him so much. xD

  5. Haha, well then I know what my next purchase from Gamestop is going to be! A collection of 5 KoF games is only $15!

    Now, I was wondering, is the style of fighting more combo-based like Mortal Kombat, or complicated-moves based like Street Fighter? Or is this game's style unlike other fighting games?

  6. . . . is it the Orochi Saga Collection? If so, WTF, HELLO GAMING TWIN. That's the one I've been playing. xD;

    It's more like Street Fighter, with a dash of their VS series thrown in because everything is team-based (although KoF really did the team thing way before Capcom). Uhhh, and the bosses are all extremely cheap, so just be ready for that.

  7. lol yeah the Orochi saga is the one I'm planning on getting :P I guess we may be gaming twins haha!

    I just have SUCH a hard time with street fighter though. I practice for so long to try to nail the tricky moves, and when I finally do it successfully, it'll be another twenty minutes before I can nail it again. In all fairness to the series, SF IV is the first I've ever played, and I don't think it was exactly made for beginners.

  8. Hahah, to be honest (and this is a source of great embarrassment to me) I still have trouble pulling off even a simple Shoryuken type move. And I've been playing various Street Fighters for YEEEARS so what the heck is up with that I don't know. Quarter-turn moves like Hadokens I can do no problem but anything more complicated than that is tough to do consistently. I tend to be better at fighters like Tekken which relies more on directional 'taps' and comboing attacks than on swerving over the D-Pad. And you can forget all about super or desperation moves. I've never been a hardcore enough fan to purchase a stick or anything either.

    But um, yeah, for the first time since I was like twelve, I'm actually PRACTICING how to do special moves again. Beating that shithead Rugal is good motivation!

  9. Ha ha. I'm still a pretty hardcore fan of the Mortal Kombat series, only because I get SO much satisfaction out of unleashing a huge-ass successful combo on my opponent! Nothing better than one swift combo stealing half of their life :D

  10. the new Raiden "check out daddy's ass" art really is something, huh? :)

    Incidentally, KOF13's variety of colors is interesting- one of Raiden's new color edits is pretty much venom. So "I AM RAIDEN" is now "WE ARE VENOM", I guess. X)