Kochikame: Plate Holders

Alright, so someone explain this scene to me, because I've seen ones like it before.

It's from episode 126 and begins, like all the best scenes do, with Ryo-san's butt.

Apparently Ryotsu is on vacation, and staying at a fancy place.

So what's his way of partying? Why, getting naked and doing a silly dance with only plates to cover his loins.

Which he keeps teasing the watching men(!) with.

Is this just a thing happy-go-lucky Japanese guys do when they're drunk? SOMEONE TELL ME.

Anyway, Ryo-san seems to be quite enjoying himself.

Until . . .

It turns out the reservation he was staying under . . .

. . . wasn't actually for him. It was for this guy.

Then they decide they didn't like his little dance after all.

Oh, poor Ryo-san.

He's promptly thrown out.

And I guess they figure freeloaders don't get their clothes back.

He can keep the plates though.

Really, there's no accounting for taste.


  1. Clearly, hotel reservations are a higher order concern than public nudity in Japan. :3

  2. Why of course this isn't unusual! I dance naked with fine china everytime my family goes out to dinner. I thought EVERYONE did that!