So a couple weeks back I had my birthday. (don't ask how old I am *sob*) To celebrate, I asked over on y!gal for any interested artists to draw some spanky pictures and . . . to my amazement some actually did!

First up was Cheesestrings. He did me a drawing of Ace Attorney's Gumshoe with a big red butt! I guess when you can't cut a guy's salary anymore than it already is, you have to resort to other punishments . . .

This one's by ManticoreEX, but most of you probably know him better as Taisuke from the Bara Forums. It's one of my all-time favorite guys, Inuzuka Kiba from Naruto, paddling another of my favorite guys, Ryu from Street Fighter! Such a random crossover couldn't help but earn my ardent adoration.

Technically, this one was done for the artist, PsychoShinji's, birthday. But since our b-days fall on the same date, this still totally counts as being for me! It's of Lupin and Jigen, two characters from Lupin III. I always wished things like this would happen in that show xD (actually, most shows . . . )

This one's by Satosan. I might've mentioned this before, but paddles and jockstraps are two of my most favorite things in the whole world. Luckily for me, they're also two great tastes that taste great together. Sure, the half-naked stud getting paddled might not agree, but you don't need to listen to him. You just need to spank him some more.

And last (but certainly not least~) this one's by the splendiferous Fruitdrop. Some of the more, er, astute readers may recognize the character from a few recent 'Stash postings. Seriously though, Fruity's my favorite spank artist in the world, and you should all commission her to draw more beefy men with red bottoms. But wait, then she might take longer to work on my own commissions. Nevermind! You should all ignore her and let her die of impoverishment so I can keep her all to myself.

Thanks to all the artists who contributed, and also everyone who simply sent along well-wishes. It was all very heart-warming. ♥


  1. Fruitdrop, overall, is a WONDERFUL artist to ask for commissions. I couldn't have been happier with the one I got! :D

    And SoupGoblin, I dunno why people bitched about all of the kochikame posts. I thought they were great, and the pic is hot! :P Though the one post about the baths DID raise my expectations of what should go on in a men's locker room, and now I'm NEVER satisfied anymore when I shower off in one...

  2. no fair i bet the only koichikame fan art out their was done for you liuky bastard

  3. People were bitching about the Kochikame posts? But I LOVED them all! And I want more, please!...
    Oh, and happy birthday. Kinda late, I know... Sorry!

  4. Ryo-san! It's been a while seen we've seen his butt. :o

  5. Hahah, don't worry anyone. There'll probably be LOTS more Kochikame bitching in the future because I still have like 200 episodes to work through and post caps of.

  6. i the one who said your lucky about the Kochikame stuff i am just saying screen caps are good but i want fan art i just wanna see a dick

  7. I've loved visiting your blog daily for months now. Thanks for all the great work and good humor. And a happy birthday to you.

  8. Yay for more Kochikame posts! Boo to the bitchers! Also amazing art work and happy birthday *gives many B-day spankings* I never actually knew Fruitdrop was a girl until just now. I was too turned on by her art to check her gender. :O Who knew a chick could think up such hot homoerotic guy ass pics.

  9. ...now you've gotten me into big red butts.


    (Also, your birthday was what...May 1, right? That's the day after mine.)


    Re: Kochikame - Agreed with everyone else about haters to the left. Also agreed with collywogs about Episode 97 (which may have been the most homoerotic thing I have ever seen in my life - including my porn collection and my anime collection).


    (Though I will admit, he does have a nice furry ass. Which needs to be on display moar.)

  10. Speaking of episode 97 I made an animated gif of the nudity dance. http://picasion.com/pic22/6481bef534277b310573d0604f4c81f1.gif

  11. Anonymous person, Kochikame fanart is really rare, but I do have a few. Be assured that I'll post them at some point!

    Great G, thank you very much!

    My birthday was actually April 30th, Inferno. Which means . . . HOLY CRAP WE SHARE THE SAME B-DAY? What does this mean. What--What does this mean.

    That's a cute gif, Herry. =D

  12. Why do people gotta hurt poor Gumshoe? :0< Poor sweetie.