Yet More Shower Times with Ippo & crew

Hmmm, been busy lately and don't have time to go looking through my porn collection for a theme . . . What do I have that can be posted easily and quickly? :0

. . . oh, right! More Ippo shower action! There's ALWAYS more of that to go around! =D

It starts like all good shower scenes should. A shot of the main character's loveable and barely-obscured-by-steam ass.

Enter his two sexiest gym mates.

Aoki and Takamura!

You'd blush too, if these naked hunks walked in on you!

Some more butt shots.
Then Aoki demonstrates what he wants to do with Takamura and Ippo.
Oh, Hajime no Ippo!

And after this scene was one of the show's many infamous dick-grabs. (but who can keep track of them all, really?)


  1. what episode is this?

  2. The first of the second season's, "New Challenger".

  3. Wow I've seen this anime around I guess I need to buy the seasons I get hard everytime I watch clips....hot