Group Photos


  1. ...why is the best part of this the last picture where Asuma's getting it in both ends and all like "Goddammit, why am I the designated bottom?"

    Don't get me wrong, this post is pure gold (as are...all of your posts), but good Lord I'm on the verge of fapping and lol-ing.

    I feel bad for Wakka, though. He's all off on his own jerking off. And he looks so...sad. Clearly, Hotcha should have put him in the mantrain. Or at least stuck him between Ganon and Dante.

    Obviously, I spend far too much time analyzing porn.

  2. aww poor wakka nobody to play with.

  3. That first pic does a lot for me thanks simply because it includes the beefy bakery guy from Kiki's Delivery Service - that adorable lug doesn't get any fan art!

    I also kinda like the dude with the muscle-gut on the left side of that same pic, though I don't know who he is.

  4. who's these guys from the 2nd pics?

  5. RazeruofthedemonicApril 24, 2010 at 2:53 AM

    Your blogs are awsome! *gets horny at pics* umm...I love the last pic...just because Wakka, Wolverin, ands Asuma in it...those three would make a good threesome!