First Snow

. . . was today where I live. It is WAYYYY too early in the year for this.


  1. We've been having massive amount of rain down here in "sunny" Southern California.

    Both rain and snow are so romantic and make for great settings for the more romantic porn. I wish there was more of it :<

  2. and here we have sunny day and rainy night, flood here and there
    Oh, and another earthquake

  3. it should be raining here in marbella, spain. specially when its the week of feria de san pedro thats being celebrated this week.

  4. Hey! The weather became crazy!
    Here where I live (Chile), yesterday we had 22°C (we are in spring) and suddenly began to rain and then to hail, OMG!, the climatic change!

  5. It's so cool hearing about weather around the world like this. =3

  6. I'm still amazed about the fact that lots of people from totally different countries could gather and chatting around like this

    I love internet!!!

    Anyone from Russia?

    PS: I'm in Southeast Asia