So I've been thinking lately. About message boards. Maybe it's just frustration that I can't reply back directly to comments left here or something, but I've been thinking lately that I might . . . make one?

Something with more permanence than an imageboard that erases posts once they get bumped down enough pages, where users can carve out more of a niche for themselves, y'know, with avatars, profiles, PMs, and so on. Also: discussion! Forum stuff! Or maybe just a place to hang and talk about bara without the casual rudeness that infests every anonymous imageboard ever. xD;;

I'm picturing a central "hub" board devoted solely to bara, along with a bunch of sub-boards. Maybe one for scanlators? Where providers, scanners, translators, editors--they can all advertise their services and meet up? Form groups? Hmmmm.

The thing stopping me is not knowing how much discussion would actually take place. Would bara fans actually take interest in something like this?

We do already have the wonderful JCFA, but it's not exactly easy to find for newcomers to the "scene", and they don't like other sites linking to them. It's also still plagued by spambots (though they've been doing better with that lately). Mahhh, I dunno, would I come off as an asshole if I tried to start up a "rival" board? :/

Well, just something I've been thinking about lately.


  1. I tried to manage some (general discussion) forum years ago with a bunch of friends but spambots and lack of interest quite shot the stuff in the head; image boards -like ib4f- are messy and untidy, and managing new reply in Blogger is not as easy as it should (well, a blog is rather a good way to keep track from events and such than storing data or topics)... So yeah, managing discussion and community is easier on a forum. Sounds good to me...

  2. Oh I would adore being a member of your possible forum.

    You see I love bara in all forms, but I am not very knowledgable of the various artists that are out there, so I would love a place that could fill me in on such topics and discuss them.

    So if this forum actually comes into existence, I shall be there post~haste ;3

  3. I don't think a rival board would make you an asshole. Competition just makes people step up their effort. Besides, the way your describing it is more like a community and less like, "some people who have a common interest but don't really care that there are other people like them."

    I say go for it.

  4. As much as I prefer the imageboard format and its innate anonymity, especially with the community's nature of, er, illicit filesharing of copyrighted material, it also seems to have a pretty vibrant community going, where people are actually known by (nick)name, and where serious discussions can flourish (or about as serious as such things can be when surrounded by manpornz). Perhaps such a community would thrive even further in a more stable setting... perhaps not. Who knows? /bara/ seems to be pretty fine where it stands, IMHO.

    On the other hand, I'd LOVE to see a place where one could archive artworks/scans, for the sake of both simplifying the hunt for newcomers and for veterans to be able to keep up with the vast amounts of stuff out there. I myself have pushed for such a venture before... Things like baralover just don't cut it, you know? There's quite a bit of favoritism going on there. I always thought a wiki would be perfect for the job, but that's probably more of the wikiformat fanboy in me thinking out loud; perhaps a forum would do this fandom some good.

    If you do decide to go for it, don't do it all on your own - but for the love of Klein, don't go handing out modship to all the BNFs; the last thing we need is a totalitarian hierarchy in this community.

  5. Do you want my thoughts on yaoi?

    ...well, you're asking so I guess yes.

    I went all tl;dr, so I might as well just list my pros and cons:


    -More sites for discussion/sharing are always good. /1gaychan/ is almost a mirror competitor to /bara/ (although really, it's just poor Chris posting over there by his own 90% of the time), and it doesn't hurt that any.

    Hell, the Stash itself hews close to /bara/ in its focuses (and sometimes bleeds over - I've ganked stuff off of here and shared it later), and they've both coexisted peaceably. So I can't see a forum as really horning in.

    I'm kind of biased - though I'm not an official follower, I read your site regularly (hell, look at how often I comment) - but honestly, there's room enough on the Interbutts for two bara communities.

    -My God, YES if there's translator resources. I would be all over that shit like Heavy on a ham sandvich.

    -Plus, I'm with Lunar. A forum format would be somewhat more conducive to discussion and resource-collecting, particularly with artists and the like. And something permanent would be badass.


    -Let's face it - I'm not sure whether the occasional cattiness on /bara/ is due so much to the anonymity as it is the fact that the community is the spawn of 4chan. (The beefy, hairy, sexy spawn of 4chan, but the spawn of 4chan nonetheless.) Moreover, I don't think that it's restricted so much to the anons (though yeah, us anons are often the ones screaming, "GIMME MOAR!").

    It really depends on the type of people the forum attracts more than the format - anonymity does lower inhibitions, but honestly it really depends on the person behind the keyboard. A nice guy will still be a nice guy without a name, and a catty bitch will be a catty bitch, even if they have to sign their name. They'll just be more subtle about it.

    -Plus, the permanence causes certain other issues. Namely, God forbid if the artists find out. It's bad enough as it is on /bara/ (where we got a guest appearance by Zelo, who tends to be somewhat chill; I'm dreading the day Ron-9 finds our new motherland); I think we'd have to be more careful on a forum with regards to what's shared.

  6. So eloquently put Inferno~

    And thanks for mentioning me ;3

  7. do it. screw JCFA.


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I think you should go for it; I think it would be better (I might be wrong) but I prefer forums over blogs any-day(of course you are the only exception).

  10. Am I the only one who still remembers the existence of this bara social networking site?:


    Although I noticed sharing works was an issue, I think this site is okay with it, but it's more of a social networking site than it is a "share-ware" type of website. i

    And there's the issue of users who wish to stay anonymous...

    But anyways, I say go for the forum. Sounds like a good idea.

  11. And man I love Kowmeiism's work (however the hell you spell it). I find young muscle boys paired up with older muscular men very hot. I like it even more if they're actually in love, like in the Judo Boy manga.

  12. I know I would love to join this theoretical Bara forum, or whatever forum SoupGoblin and his followers flock to. Then again, I know it's easy for me to say that since no one has called up on me to do anything to make this happen. But if you have any use for an English/Art major with very basic Japanese language abilities, I am here for you.

  13. Wowww, this is a lot of replies. Here is where I try to reply to them all on an individual basis!

    Santiago: Yeah, that's pretty much what I was figuring. BTW, your blog is awesome.

    Lunarflowers: Cases like yours is a good reason to go through with this! Spreading knowledge is a noble endeavor.

    Branchlaw: Yes, YES. A community. That is what I would like to go for.

    Anonymous: This is true. /bara/ is already doing quite well on it's own. A messageboard may or may not take off under these conditions. If it doesn't . . . well, guess we'd have a dead forum on our hands!

    I do LOVE the idea of some kinda barawiki. I'm a huge fan of wikis in general, and what better than one devoted to muscleman porn? I know basically zilch and nada about setting one up though, so that task would have to by necessity fall to someone else.

    It's cool that you worked the phrase "totalitarian hierarchy" in there.

    Inferno: Oh Inferno, always offering your thoughts on yaoi!

    Your pros are all true facts. There's not much I can add to them besides "yes, that's right!" and "yeah!"

    Your cons are where it gets interesting. About the 4chan. Hmmm. Yes. The 4channiness in general might be something I'd consciously try to . . . move away from, with this. Should I just leave it at that? Hmm, I think I will.

    I'll say right here that IF in the event a forum is created, and IF an artist had a problem with their work being displayed there, they'd just have to say so and it'd be removed. Simple as that, lickity split!

    Anonymous: That's scary!

    Kevin: Aww, you are a sweetie.

    Lagosta: Duly noted!

    Baraboylover: Baragumi rocks, but it's format doesn't really appeal to me personally. Call me old-fashioned, I guess! Also, it appears to be closing down in January? :0

    Anonymous: That's very kind of you to say!

    Well, I suppose that's it for now. It's probably obvious by now but I am heavily leaning towards creating such a place. But first I have to research different providers and whatnot, pick a name, design a layout, all kinds of crazy stuff! So don't expect a place anytime soon. Thanks for your opinions, everyone!

  14. Oh my! Thank you for your wonderful feedback :3

  15. Dude that is a great Idea, We love u to death so hellz yea we would join ur forum, Plus we love ur picks so keep Posting them, and well discuss about them, or just about Manly muscle hunks driving us Loco, If u do decide to go for it, expect me there frequently

  16. And annonymous October 20, 2009 12:54 AM

    Thats is kinda scary... I love it!

  17. Thanks for the feedback and I couldn't say it any better than Alkelie.

  18. Better start copying *all* of JCFA contents from now :)

    Oh, and i'm curious... is it possible to make an 'INVITE' only forum to lessen those spambotz?

    Or maybe a captcha system powerfull enuff to tackle them?

  19. woopwoop i'm not that scary! I'm just a terrible motivational speaker. thanks for the replies!

  20. I think that us a really nice ides!
    i think you should try it for about a week.and see how it turns out.
    if you don't like it after a week then you can forget about it.
    but if you like it, then you can stick with it.

  21. I think the best way to go through with this is with the AID of the image boards themselves. Don't you think?

    You should talk to the moderators of 1GayChan as well as Bara and ask about them linking up to your forums OFFICIALLY on their boards.

    And then YOU do the same so that there's is a continuous back and forth flow between all three sites.

    That also allows the Yaoi and shota people to not be so...displaced as well. Make sense? (Although I know your focus is on beefin'cake menfolk, haha)

  22. That is an excellent suggestion Jubell, and I plan to follow it as soon as I get the place set up to my satisfaction!

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