Valkyria Chronicles

aka. the game I would be playing if I had a PS3.

Mostly because I love tactical RPGs. But the fact that this hunk, Largo Potter, is in it also helps.

He's the token gruff, masculine guy who shows a tantalizing view of man-cleavage through the whole game.

In the anime adaptation, too!

Even the official designs make sure to feature his bare chest.


Speaking of the anime, in episode 16 he shares a bath with main character Welkin.

I'll just not add any context for this part, and if you happen to see gay subtext in these lines it's not like it's my fault.
His whole body turns bright red when he realizes he let something slip that he shouldn't have. :3

So he has a splashy water tantrum. GAH EMBARRASSED MAN IS CUTE.

Just too bad we never get to see lower than this. : /

Valkyria Chronicles also has a token, er, flaming gay guy who has the hots for muscular men. In the game he has a "Largo Lover" potential.

Now bring on the fanart!


  1. There is never enough Largo.

  2. So, I'm scrolling down and looking at the hot pix, and...

    Is that chest hair I see? In the anime? I just.

    Yes. Now if only more Japanese would embrace the fuzz. kekekek.

    (Also, PS3s are down to like $299 now. Not too bad, if I say so myself. Considering the fact that they started at 599 US DOLLARS.)

  3. i wish i was good at tactical RPGs

  4. He really is screen cap worthy.....

  5. that what happens chapter of anime images?