Guin Saga

Probably the next anime I'll be watching. Guin Saga is a classic fantasy series ala Conan that spans, according to my sources, a fuckload of books. And now there's an anime series!

The titular character, Guin, is a musclebound amnesiac man who apparently has a leopard mask over his head. Or it's magically grafted on? Anyway, it makes him look like King from Tekken.
He dresses in an itty-bitty loin-cloth, because that's what manly men do around there.

Some more caps that I didn't take myself~
Pretty nice, eh?

"But Croup," you ask, "What about the fanart?"


  1. Oooh. I definitely need to find a fansub of this now.

  2. ...it doesn't count as furry if the mask is just attached to his head, right? Right.

    Though the important question is: Does it matter? (Coming from a guy who used to hate furry, that's saying quite a bit.)

  3. This remidns me a lot King from Tekken xD
    I didn notice of this anime! Thanks! =D
    And yhea, this is no furry o_o

  4. Well, I meant that more as, "I can fap to this without feeling bad for fapping to furry because it's not REALLY furry, right?" (Like I said, furry's not normally my thing.)

    Though actually, I'm not sure. I think this may be one of the times where I'll probably come down on "sort of furry, but don't care really because he's hot." I'm shallow that way.

  5. Yeah, I had marked it as 'furry' just in case. Like to cover all my bases.

    Though I've long been in agreement with the "as long as it's hot, who cares?" camp. ;]

  6. Oh goodness! Thank you for sharing this anime! xD

    I was hooked since the first episode (awesomeness punching a guy into a tree sets a forest fire is epic in my camp) and he.is.freakin.hot. I'm okay with furry so yeah. xD

    I heard in Book 12 that there's a whole lot of yaoi to be introduced. But too bad:

    a) the author is already dead
    b) hard to find someone to translate a whole bunch of 100-something books. xD

    Can I request moar nekkid Guin pics please? =D Or at least links to such sites? xD I can never get too much of him!