Varsity Blues

Don't worry guys, I won't forget this blog just because we've got a shiny new forum now. (which is already taking off! I'm so proud ;_;)

Today I'd like to discuss with you the movie Varsity Blues, a football-themed film which practically OPENS with this ass-shot.
"Good moonin boys, good moonin! I’ve been up since the crack of dawn and I had to ASS you a question!" he says. The ass in question belongs to Tweeder, played by actor Scott Caan, an actor who hits so many of my buttons (short, stubbly, an asshole in real life, AMAZING butt) that it's not even funny.

Yeah, laugh it up, James Van Der Beek!

But amazingly that isn't the best fanservice scene we get outta this movie. No, that comes later on when Tweeder pulls up in a stolen police car full of naked girls.

It's only when he steps out of the car that you realize he's also naked!

With only a cowboy hat covering his goods, he has a nice talk with his buddy.

. . . ordering him to strip down too and hop in!

Then we're treated to the finest ass-shot in all of cinema.
Incredibly firm, perky, coconut-like buttocks absentmindedly flex and shift as Jamie talks with the girls.
When his pal declines the offer like any good puritan would, Tweeder just rolls his eyes and struts back to the car.
"Hang on to your nipples!" he says, before taking off as surely as he'd arrived, driving off into the sunset (or down a random street, whatever).

For completion's sake, here's a few more shots of Scott from his other movies. And modeling. And paparazzi photos!


  1. Do you have any idea what this entry did to me? Do you know about my Scott Caan's ass fetish? I think you and I share a brain. Take this entry and throw in some kinky humiliation and bondage for Mr. Caan and I'm set for life.

  2. "absent-mindedly flex and and shift" oh god.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know, if some didn't already, but there is a picture floating around, or there was, of him changing into (or out of) a wet suit, and you see a nice pic of his junk

  4. Duuuuude, I used to watch that movie just for that ass. XD

  5. Keith of my Blister Boyz was inspired by Scott Caan.

  6. @Anonymous:
    I WANT that picture!!!!!

  7. wow, asses are getting more and more delicious o_o;