Trip Tucker

So for those who may not know, Star Trek: Enterprise was a show that no one liked. For . . . a variety of reasons! Although I have heard that the third and fourth seasons totally rocked.

But you're not here to read my rambles about canceled science fiction shows (or did you?), you're here to read my rambles about sexy things! Well what do you know. By our powers combined, today I can do both.

Er, meet Charles "Trip" Tucker III, chief engineer aboard the Enterprise. This baby-faced, plain-talking fella captured my heart from day one.

Probably because he walks around in his underwear a lot.

He does it everywhere! In sickbay.

Around the ship.

In bars.

In bondage.
(strain, bulge, straaain)

That's when he's even allowed a shirt at all.
Yeah, laugh it up, Scott Bakula!

But the greatest (and most most obvious) attempt at fanservice was the infamous "Decon Room" which was basically an excuse for the actors to strip down and rub oily gel on themselves and each other.


  1. The last pic...
    Trip's boner... Or not?
    If its not, then hmmm *drooll*

  2. i think it's his boner.. oooo..

  3. They were blue spandex singlets as underwear? AND GET TIED UP IN 'EM?!?!

  4. perfect just perfect great bulge hunk mmm oh hun i love you

  5. he is cute id love to his bare nude ass