Surprising Sights

Sometimes a dude just walks in on something he shouldn't . . .


  1. I absolutely love the fourth pic down!
    Just look at that thing! XD
    I love how the artist made it obvious that his towel came undone and his cock is flopping around! XD

    Don't be surprised if you find this pic on my blog eventually. ^_^

  2. Actually, I really love all those japanese sound effects and startled expressions.

  3. Love the baseball players - incredibly hot. Do you know who the artist is and where they might have published more?

  4. WOW, thanks for sharing ^^ extremely nice !!

    Do you know the source / artist for the 1st and 3rd picture? Thanks

  5. The first picture is Jin-KS.

    As for the third (the baseball one), unfortunately I do not know who the artist is. That's the trouble with dredging up material downloaded years ago before I started keeping source files!

  6. Thanks for replying ^^

    Recently saving many of Jin-KS works from boards and blogs, but unfortunately, i can't find the set where the 1st pic came from T_T

    Could you post the set here please?
    Thanks as always

  7. i cant find any of Jin-KS pic and stuff the first pic was my fav can u put up some links to him