#1 Hyperactive Loudmouth Ninja

I've received several requests to do a Naruto post, but since it's difficult to find fanart from that series that couldn't be flagged as shota (which won't be posted here), I've always held off. As a former (recovering ;P) Giant Narutard, this has caused me some small frustration! So here I went and searched through my folders for images which only show adult ninjas. Or ones that at least clearly aren't kids!

First one of Naruto's hunkalicious sensei, Kakashi. Gasp! We can see half his lower face!

An older Naruto relaxing.

"Bara" Naruto.

The lazy shadow-nin, Shikamaru.

Naruto at the, ahem, mercy of Shikamaru's shadow jutsu!

The puppet-nin Kankuro, sporting a respectable bulge.


KibaNaru! This one is an edit job of a JinKS picture, but it's hot enough that I don't care too much.

Asuma is more interested in grown-up Naruto, too. x3

Akatsuki ass-grope.

I'm pretty sure I've already posted these Kiba images, but, oh, hell. I love that cocky dog-nin so much that we'll do a rerun!
If I had to pick a favorite bara image of all time, it'd probably be this one. Which is Kiba, and which is Akamaru?

I like how buff he looks under his jacket~

Don't be embarrassed, Kiba. Just take it off!

Oh please Kiba. You so like it.

Kiba in various states of undress, and erection.

Kiba and Akamaru in bed with a cute Shino plush.

I can enjoy crackier pairings like Kiba/Iruka though, as well. :3

The coloring on this one may have been done by me. Maybe.

My next post will focus on the real man of the series, Asuma. So expect loads of images!


  1. THANK YOU. Some of these pictures just soooooooooooooooooooo turn me on, despite all or almost all of them are good. In the Kiba/Iruka one Kiba's hair look so cool and realistic; they should be always drawn this way.

  2. Aww dammit, posted wrong place. Okay here's the message:
    Great stuff. thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Who is the artist who drew Kiba getting fingered in the butt? I like the style of that particular pick

  3. That one is by Zipopen on ygallery. Check him out!

  4. Ooh, thanks for the tip SoupGoblin! Much appreciated!