This scene was pointed out to me by a certain someone. As I keep working through Hajime no Ippo, I discover more and more "bonus" scenes like this. ;3

It starts when Takamura, Aoki, and Kimura stop by the pool to check up on Ippo's water training. Well, more to bother him.

Aoki and Kimura soon join him after he explains the basics, thinking it'll be easy.

But it turns out that they underestimated how tough the water resistance would be.

Oh, and it looks like Aoki's trunks might've got dragged down a lil bit. x3


  1. the manga has a lot more, I think! hahaha xD

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  3. Oh man, oh man how I lurve thems friendly (sorta) boxing pals. ._.; A certain someone~?

    The manga isn't as hot as the anime (in my opinion, though a lot of the fellas in the manga are drawn far more manly and hawt, like Sendo), and a lot of the characters are less "open" to, uh, certain stuff, than they are in the anime...