School Rumble

Guys, the internet is so awesome.

Allow me to take you, step by step, through the making of this post.

One: Read on /bara/ about some hot ex-delinquent (name of Harima) from a previously unknown-to-me anime (School Rumble). Apparently he's got a sexy voice and you can see his ass a couple times through the series!

Two: Enter "School Rumble", "Harima" and "ass" all together into google. Read poor hetero fanboys whining about having to see a naked man in their moe comedy series.

Three: Utilizing context clues, and Wikipedia's convenient episode listing, determine exactly which episode said booty is featured in!

Four: Head to youtube, baby. Skim episodes until you reach desired level of nudity, then click that "High Quality" button. For added fun, check out some of the video's comments while you're at it.

Five: Screencap like ca-ra-zay!

Six: Photoshop those annoying youtube borders out and BAM, you've got a full post made up in under an hour! All it needs now is some half-witted commenting from yours truly, which is the reason this got posted two days after I first collected the images. You guys don't know how TOUGH this job is.

Anyway, in case you were wondering about the above series of images, they were found by the school's otaku-pervert population after a virus erased all of their data on various girls. However, one file was found where their vast archive had been. On opening it, they assumed it was a pair of boobies (the topmost image), but on zooming out and sharpening, they instead found it was an image of Harima's ass, along with a message from their teacher.

. . . and so my short love-affair with School Rumble was born.

The next scene is set in the obligatory beach episode. However, most of the male fanservice occurs indoors so that is where we shall focus here!

Hanai (guy with glasses) tries to stop Imadori (the blond) from peeking on the girls changing. This involves some hot shirtless action a little guy-on-guy wrasslin'.

I get the feeling this happens a lot with them.

The real fanservice happens a bit later though, when we see Harima doing some naked training.
For a show that focuses so much on the Male Gaze, they sure ain't shy about giving us Harima's ass.
Anywho, the story is that he was looking for his swim trunks to change into but couldn't find them. Then he got so comfortable without clothes that he just went commando in his room. Being the only one in the house, it seemed safe enough.
But then, the worst happens! A girl comes back inside and opens his door looking for sunscreen--and sees him completely exposed! Oh, the shame!

But it looks like she'll scream, so Harima quickly leaps into action.

He grapples her and holds her mouth closed to prevent a sound. But then he realizes what he's just done could be taken in a very bad light.
What to do now? Keep holding her for a while while he think how to defuse the situation, still naked.
And with a really juicy butt shot.

Oh Harima, you hapless chap! Seems like it's yet another hilarious misunderstanding!

Last scene I'll go over is from the obligatory hotspring episode. Yes, in shows based mainly around comedy fanservice they get a beach episode AND a hotspring episode, the lucky dogs.
At least Hanai looks really hot in it. Wish fulfillment for the sad geeks with toothpick bodies who are the show's target audience? Perhaps!

And Harima's in it, too. Mmmmm.

Imadori gets the bright idea to peek on the girls' side of the springs (I guess he's into voyeurism and stalking). Hanai, naturally, has a problem with this.
Yep, he's a tightass both literally AND metaphorically.

Suddenly, Harima decides to join in on the peeping (or just listen in when he hears his name mentioned from the other side). Also, there's an obvious switch in animation teams because the characters are both colored differently AND look way hotter than they did a second ago.

Regardless of Harima's reasons, Hanai is still determined to prevent Imadori's shameless perving.
Things like this happen all the time in hotsprings!

The result is Harima left somehow holding the entire onsen wall over his head.
A powerful feat, but one he must focus all his strength on lest the girls discover him.
Awww. We hoped it would happen, and then it did!

This COULD lead to some interesting thoughts where I discuss how female nudity must always = sexy, while male nudity must always = comedy, but, eh, it's late. Maybe some other time! Meanwhile, enjoy the naked guys of a show meant to be watched by guys who like chicks.


  1. Nice ass or should I say asses?

  2. These pics are so hot. You have to put up the episode names or links because that looks like a really hot show.

  3. The show focuses a lot more on female fanservice than male (or so I'm told) but yeah, it looks reasonably funny.

    Episodes used in this post were, in the order they appeared-

    -#1 of the 2nd season (after the credits)
    -#12 of the 1st season (about 1/3 of the way through)
    -OVA #1 (near the end)

  4. That teacher is disturbingly enticing. ._.;

  5. I loooooooooove School Rumble! LOL
    By the way, I'm stealing all these images... XDDDDDDDDD

  6. Go for it! It's the reason I posted 'em!

  7. wow those are some caps, im so glad i found this place, xD any chance of ever posting the vids?