Well, since we had a post devoted to Heihachi, I thought his possibly-even-more-evil-than-he-is son, Kazuya, deserved one too.

Kazuya is tough, mean, and a fightin' machine. Also a vengeance seeking demon. Literally.

He was the main character of the franchise until his son, Jin, took over.

In this shot you can see his eyes glowing red, like a terminator bot. That's 'cause he has the "Devil Gene" in him because he got dropped off a cliff as a child . . . or something? I dunno.

In Heihachi's Tekken 4 ending, he uses magic chains (!?) to capture Kazuya.

First they get his arms.

Then they lift him up into the air, where he can hang back to back with Jin (who'd been captured previously).

Then we get a long shot of him struggling in bondage, flexing all his muscles, gritting his teeth at the humiliation . . . um, yeah. I sprung wood.

Here's some fanart so you leave this post with a good feeling! This is the way!

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