A guest on the shoutbox wanted some Kamina from Gurren Lagann, and I was in no position to refuse. Since . . . I wanted to do a post on him anyway!

So here he is as seen in the opening credits. Normally I don't go for slimmer guys, but something about Kamina's over-the-top energy, confidence, and obsessions with manliness and honor earns him my endorsement. Plus his tattoos are nifty.

Here he is with his little "bro", Simon. They're not really brothers, but Simon looks up to everything Kamina says or does and hero-worships the guy. They've got a bromance, dudes.

Picking out all the shirtless shots of Kamina would be pointless since he's shirtless almost every appearance he makes. I have never heard a fan complain about this.

I WILL show some shots of him in chains though! (there goes me and chains again . . . )

After he's left tied up as punishment, Simon rescues him by drilling into his cell. The drill, of course, comes in right between his legs because Gainax is SO SUBTLE with their phallic imagery.

Yeah . . . real subtle, guys.

I haven't actually watched past the first few episodes, but I skipped ahead a little to the obligatory hotsprings episode (number 6) because I heard there were some nekkid times in it.

. . . I was not disappointed.

This episode is LOADED with shots of naked Kamina, with only the team's gerbil/hamster/mole-rat thing acting as a jockstrap for him. What exactly is the critter holding on to? Well, maybe it's best not to think about such things.

. . . yeah! Oh glorious manliness.

Too bad he's got a flat ass though. : /

Piloting his mech naked.

Later, he wakes up from the aftermath of a massive orgy. (not really?)
Oh Gainax.

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