Sarutobi Asuma

Oof! Sorry guys, this post took a lot longer to put together than I thought it would. Who knew there was that much Asuma porn just floatin' around the net? And the thing is, I'm pretty sure this collection is STILL incomplete! Oh well, I'll just give ya what I got!

EDIT: Now with some additions sent by Roalli!

So yeah, this is Sarutobi Asuma.
Leaf Jounin. Bearded. Smoker. Uses wind chakra. This is what he looks like in the anime. Pretty okay lookin', I guess! But I think the reason for his enduring porn popularity is more due to his rugged and manly voice than anything else. Jûrôta Kosugi does a great job, as usual.

Honestly, most of his fanbase prefer him looking more like this.

Or even this.

Quite the hunk, eh? Let's strip this stud down layer by layer, and see just what makes him tick.
Hmm, I see! Man Boners! Having their way with his big hairy body!

Yes, the truth is that even though Asuma's one badass ninja, every viewer really just wants to see him naked. But that's to be expected of /bara/'s darling.

And really, can you blame them? I mean, look at him! Dayumn!

He's got a smokin' hot bod (pun intended) but usually he's such a tease. It's up to the fans to deliver the goods where the anime/manga won't!

In a lot of fanart, he's only got his Fire Guardian sash to preserve his manly modesty.

Of course, that sash doesn't cover much when viewed from the back. ;]
Asuma? More like ASSuma, amirite?

And when it starts to slip . . .
Yep, we end up with naked Asuma.

According to fandom, he likes to wear traditional fundoshi a lot, too!
Awww, helping his student cross the river. x3

Jizz! (by Hawa)

But then when the fundoshi slips off . . .

. . . More naked Asuma!
Heheh, crossover of Asuma and Isshin from Bleach. Two hot daddies.

Some fanart by Kupopo!
With a satyr?

With a . . . gorilla?

With a wolf?

Some fanart by Cross-chan!
Asuma sandwich!

Threesome with a certain two other jounin.

Fanart by SaruX!

Fanart by Rybio!

A lot of artists really like him with Konoha's head of interrogation though, Ibiki.
Probably because he's the only other big man on the show. ;P

But they do work well together. The ultimate bottom with the ultimate top.

Not that Asuma isn't paired with lots of other dudes!

Such as Yamato!


The 8-Tails!

Various OCs, such as Humbuged's Xerude!

And now, to leave this post on a high note.


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