G Gundam

You have to wonder about a show that regularly wraps it's main characters in spandex, and even shows how it's done.

This is Domon Kasshu. He's the gundam pilot for Neo-Japan.

Practically every episode, you got this close up of his ass.

My favorite was always this guy though. Argo Gulskii. The Russian one.
He was always wearing chains because he was a convict or some junk.

He gets wrapped in spandex a lot too, but you never get to see his butt. :[

Since every character in G Gundam was a blatant stereotype of the country they were from, Argo was strong and stoic. (those are Russian qualities . . . right?)

Except when he yelled.

About halfway through the show, the gundams start being able to go into "hyper mode" which is kind of exactly like going Super Saiyan, complete with the same golden auras around the pilots.

Argo's rival was this guy, Andrew Graham.

Graham was Canadian, so that meant he was rugged and manly. And possibly a lumberjack.


Does the 'G' in G Gundam stand for GAY Gundam? EL OH EL OH ROFLCOPTOR.


  1. Oh my god G Gundam was my favorite gundam series and not just because of the hot characters and frequent spandex-y ass shots. It had a kickass plot.

  2. Yeah, I must admit I got all into it when it was aired on Toonami, heh. The show had fantastic music, too!

  3. Check out the anime "Gantz"
    The dude from it not only has nude scenes but boners ALL THE TIME. It will NOT disappoint.
    <3! :D

  4. Reeeeally? Any chance I can get episode numbers of the naked scenes as a sort of, er . . . "sneak peek", LovelyBlonde?

  5. Well.... since you ask so nicely.. feel free to try episode 2.. but the boner scenes are scattered throughout.

  6. heh to be honest, i thought teh last pic was him naked (i thought teh suit was his skin lol) this is SG Fan btw back again..
    P.S. the song "Pink Rose" by Kiyommy & Seiya, wat Gundam does that song go to?

  7. Here's a sneak peek for you my love..
    Try to avoid most of the episode, but if you skip to a little before the middle (3.25), you shouldn't be disappointed.