Slake's Saga (1)

 Featuring more commissions of my original character, Slake, from several talented artists, along with short story drabbles and comments from yours truly.

('Crimson Moon' by Pockyrum)

Centuries ago, Slake, eldest son of the Oni King, raised a vast host and lead a rebellion against his lord and father.

It failed.

After facing a hundred years of punishment for his audacity, Slake was mystically cursed and banished from his home dimension. He now wanders the multiverse, searching for a way back to his kingdom so he might extract his vengeance.

And he WILL find a way back . . .

(commission by Halca)

Possibly the only time you will ever see Slake smiling.

 ('Horn Envy' by Jubell)

Here Slake meets Seika Shin, the original character of Crimsonblood. Poor Slake, he gets envious of any guy with bigger horns than his. ^^;

 ('Conquer' by Rubensum)

The design of Slake's father, who now has a name, Conquer. He is the lord and master of a sprawling empire, with vast holdings and even vaster armies. In addition to massive physical strength and a keen military mind, he is also a master sorcerer who can command magics most cannot even conceive.

('The Price for Rebelling' by Rubensum, a flashback picture)

Slake had raised a great army to challenge his father--the great Oni warlord and king, Conquer!--for the right to rule. However, Slake underestimated his father's readiness to meet such a challenge. The mighty armies clashed and, though it was a fearsome battle, in the end the host which Slake had worked so hard to gather were routed.

Slake himself was defeated at the very height of the conflict, in single combat with his father who easily disarmed him before binding his muscular, struggling body in chains. He then suffered the indignity of being lead back to the very throne he had attempted to usurp and being put over daddy's lap. There, in full view of the victorious army, his fundoshi was ripped off and he got a painful and demeaning spanking on his bare, blue ass. Unfortunately for Slake, this would be just the start of his punishment for such brazen disobedience . . .