Street Fighter x Tekken came out yesterday!

 About time!

 We got Tekken characters Street Fightin' it.

 Sorry Miguel, maybe next time!

We need more alternate costumes like these please Capcom.

 . . .

If you'll excuse me.


  1. I'm loving this game. I love kicking ass with King in Street Fighter gameplay.

  2. oh goodness me !
    I usually don't like so much street fignter but this one will be the exeption ^^ i luv it !

  3. Megaman REALLY let himself go...

  4. In the "Insert 2 coins" pic...

    I had a thought...why coins? Why not... cock? lol.

  5. I don't think modern arcade machines accept cocks for credit yet. (that's a screenshot from one of SFIII's attract modes)

    Not that Hugo's delicious ass couldn't easily fit two, or more, cocks in it. ;3

  6. Hello. It's the first time i post here but i love this blog, thanks. <3
    Otherwise, if somebody is interested to play "gyaku-ryona" online on ps3 (male VS male), add me on PSN or send a message.
    PS3 ID : G4yGrabMeOrLeave
    I love to be victim of grabs/throws/hug in fighting games.
    I have Tekken6, SSF turbo 2 HD remix, wwe 12, AAA lucha libre and Street Fighter X tekken.
    I can record and share the matches on youtube or we can do it privately.

  7. im probably more into tekken and DOA Dead or Alive then street fighter the street fighter tv series and the movies are interesting ive got the latest street fighter game but not street fighter x tekken it looks kind of fun mabey il buy it

  8. i'd like to see ogre :)