Pre-Release Buzz

They're making Berserk movies now they're truer to the manga and will hopefully tell the story correctly this time and I'm so excited OMG!

The animation looks good even though there's way too much CG? Gutts is still hot, at least. And we all know that's the most important part.

. . . anyway, in one of the trailers Gutts is randomly naked(!) while facing the Skull Knight (different from this same scene in the manga) OOPS, guess these movies aren't staying strictly true to the manga after all! ( . . . they're improving it?)

Curses to the mist being just thick enough to obscure that fine muscly ass. x0


  1. I want subs for this movie now, but I still have to wait for the DVD/BD release... U_U

  2. Don't like the CG AT ALL; Looks very cheap. I'm also mad as hell they made Zodd 3D. Here I am thinking we'll finally get a proper animated scene of him in his buff, naked form, and they make him into a crappy, PS2 looking 3D model. Boooo!

  3. Ah Berserk

    isn't the the manga where things only keep getting worse for everyone?

    AKA: It Got Worse: The Series?

  4. Yep! Which is pretty remarkable when you consider that circumstances pretty much STARTED at the lowest possible for most every character with a name.