From the third episode of Durarara (this is a silly name for a tv show)

 Keep your eye on the birdie . . .

That was quite a punch.


  1. Its Durarara (commonly known as DRR) not Dorarara. And yes, Shizuo Heiwajima is quite the /pitcher/. ;P

  2. It's even sillier with the u. And isn't it DRRR?

    (Seriously, the name throws me the HELL off. Anyone else have that problem? I keep adding extra R's in there.)

    Back on topic, now I need to get caught up on my anime and watch this. Not because of the clothes-removing punches, not because this has propagated almost as much gay as Hetalia, but because anything that violates physiology that gratuitously has GOT to be good.

  3. Durarara is a pun (that only works in Japanese)
    It's about a dullahan
    Drrr is supposed to be the sound effect of a motorcycle

  4. In gif form for you convenience: http://i44.tinypic.com/16qkd5.gif