Public Transportation

It all starts innocently enough. You're taking public transportation, stuffed in a crowded car with other commuters, when you feel something . . . touch you.

Not a big deal, right? When you're up close to so many people, it's only natural for accidental brush-ups to occur. But the longer it goes on, the clearer it becomes that these touches are not accidental!
Someone is quite purposefully touching you where they shouldn't. We're talking very private areas! You want to say something, of course, but . . . then everyone in the whole train would know, and see, what's going on. Do you really want that?

Maybe it would be better to just stay quiet, and wait for him to finish up.

And hope things don't get too out of control.

That would just be embarrassing.

 Public Transportation.


  1. Ungh! Such a hot scenario. Makes me wanna ride the bus at rush hour (bumpy rides preferred).

  2. I take the bus everyday to work and back. Now, tomorrow is going to be very uncomfortable