Bara Spotlight: Class Reunion

I don't normally even particularly like Tsukasa Matsuzaki stories, but this one turned out to be a big exception. You can grab the translation for it over at Weekly Bara Translations!

The reason I like this one so much is probably because the story focuses so much on ASS.

The ass of Fujio-san here, and how it deserves to be lusciously groped in the past, present, and future.

Which is understandable. I mean, just LOOK at it.

OKAY I LIED. The real reason I loved this story so much was because there was an honest to god spanking scene in it. A spanking! In bara manga! I was in heaven.

Sure it only lasted a page, but SHUT UP. I gotta take what I can get. x0

Once again, grab this story and others at Weekly Bara Translations~


  1. I'm actually skimming it again (for research, you see), and I immediately thought of you when I came across page 17.

    ...as a matter of fact, isn't that entire volume of Nikutai-ha Gachi (I am probably slaughtering that) up your alley, so to speak? (Suffice to say, it brings up the rear a lot.)

  2. It so is, looooolz. It is butt-tastic. I wish every volume of every manga ever was just like it.

  3. How did the date go?! You have to let us know!!

  4. I too thought of Soupgoblin when I was translating this, I was like man he is SO going to post about this page. haha