Not Really the Last

Hah hah! I cant believe some of you actually fell for it this year! The whole "website is shutting down" thing is the oldest internet April Fool's gag in the world. (except when it's actually true ;_;)

To make up for my cruel jest however, how about another post of Hajime no Ippo stuff?

This time, fanart!

That poor Ippo. His meek, timid demeanor has everyone and their mother trying to molest him.

Like Takamura!

Yes, that heavy weight has his eye on our young champ.

Or maybe he just wants to hold and cuddle him. Awwww.

Sendo, too!

The Naniwa Tiger!

Who are you putting your money on?

They're both quite skilled . . .

Yep, all these boxers gaying it up.

Add ImageMostly making Ippo their bitch.

(tan lines!)

Hajime no Ippo.


  1. I hate you
    I HATE YOU!!

    ...Oh, Ippo?! Yummeh
    *fap fap*
    /is satisfied

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  3. fgsfds.

    Anyway, let me try this again:

    1) I KNEW IT. Personally, I was more partial to the reverse coming-out (even though I had to stay away from the Stash all that day because I...err...usually visit it when I'm in a certain mood), but it was fun to read the comments section.

    2) I will never cease to be amazed that there's Hajime no Ippo fanart. Mostly because - considering the series itself is practically porn to begin with - it seems almost redundant.

    (I deleted my last comment because I brainfarted and left out three very important words that changed the entire meaning.

  4. You freaked me the hell out dude. I'm just glad it wasn't true. :)