Hidemaro's Run

Gah, this post was supposed to go up yesterday but I had company over. Pretend it's still Fundoshi Friday, everyone!

It's hard to find a manlier sport than rugby! The guys from Sakigake!! Otokojuku are playing against another school. Since this is Sakigake we're taking about, the losers are consigned to a hellish death sentence or something.

This here is Hidemaro. He started the series out as a bratty junior yakuza boss, but later joined the school and changed his ways. Now he's learning the value of guts!

He's not the strongest or the most muscular character, but I have a thing for short guys, so . . .

He also--whoops!

He's also taken to wearing the official school undies, as you can see!

The (men in the) crowd love it!

Hahahah! It's a lot easier to run in just that!

Uh oh.

It's my birthday today!


  1. Happy Birthday! He's a cool character, I agree with you :D

  2. Happy birthday, dude!

    I love how you chose to notify us of that fact along with the screencap of Hidemaro flying through the air in nothing but a loincloth.

    It was almost as delightful as your choice of link for "short guys." (Which...I can't say that I disagree.)

  3. And you didn't say a WORD?!

    I talked to you for like an hour this morning! GAH!!!

    Happy Birthday, Mister!

    You're almost old enough to drink!

  4. Happy birthday

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  6. Happy Birthday
    bara bro...