Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Another one of those moe underage lolita fanservice shows that are the bane of my existence.

(while shows that feature muscle-men and lots of man butt are completely acceptable, naturally)

Anyway, this post is about episode 6, which opens with this shot.

Somebody's gonna take a shower, eh . . . ?

Hahahah! It's funny because all the straight fanboys probably figured it'd be a chick.

This is Yūji. He's pretty much the only student with any testosterone in this show. x0

Right now he's angry because his roommate didn't tell him the hot water was shut off.

Sigh, he's all right I guess, but doesn't this show have anything more to offer?

Eh . . . ?

A bit later in the episode, they're caught by Souichi Nishimura, aka "Ironman", the school's discipline master.

Mmm . . . discipline.

The boys act very grown up around him.



Anywho, then there's an extended pool scene which I won't bother covering because there were way too many girls around.

Yeah whatever!

Luckily this show doesn't mess around with it's fanservice tropes. It goes right from the pool into the bathhouse!

More of these guys~

Inevitably, they try to peek on the girls and Yūji gets beaned with a wooden bucket (and we're greeted with another butt shot)

Pretty okay I guess, but . . .

Ah, THERE it is! The whole point of this post!

Yes, Nishimura makes an appearance too and halts all these boyish shenanigans.

That kid is so lucky to be carried off by him. ;_;

As a reward for making it all the way to the bottom, have the only porn of Nishimura I was able to find! Hot for teacher.


  1. I was confused to see only screenshots of those anorexic boys!!
    "What's happening with Soup tastes?!"

    Until the end!!!
    (I knew there was something about that Iron Man guy!)

  2. But...


    Where will YOU take a bath now?

  3. YES, I LOVE that anime xD

  4. Might be out of place... but could we request any certain genres or whatever?
    Just wondering if you could post up some twink fox yiff <3
    Pretty pretty pleases <3

  5. My favourite anime... ever; and you thought the SAME thing I did. Perfect.