The Galka! A hulking race of powerful warriors. They are the all-male race from the Final Fantasy MMO, Final Fantasy XI!

Their primary feature is being big and having awesome beards. They are basically a race of hunks. So now that FFXIV is out and everyone's moved on to playing that, it's a great time to . . . finally mention them . . . ?

Whatever! Galka rock. (even if I've never did even get around to playing FFXI)

Yeah, I never gave the game a shot because I was annoyed how it got a numeral while Final Fantasy Tactics didn't. (that's right, my reasoning is petty!)

Oh, and I just don't do MMOs in general anyway. (that reason is a bit better)

Anywho, Galka are skilled at posing and showing off their muscles. ♥


Gasp! Interracial romance!

Hey, something just occurred to me. If the Galka are an all-male race, how do they reproduce and make baby Galka?

Uhhhh . . .

Quick! Be distracted by porn!

This, I think, is what Galka like to do with each other. u_u

More interspecies action!

Galka on Hume, baby!

Also . . . monsters?


Tentacles too!

Boy, those things sure do get everywhere.

Yep, that's how it is playing a Galka.

Everybody wants a piece of ya!



  1. I never had the chance to play Final Fantasy XI but I'm starting to love Galka race already!

    (the Ronso race of FFX is pretty hot too)

  2. I played as a hume, but I really regret it afterwards, galkas are so hot!

  3. The Galka are in FF14 too, except they're called Roegadyn.(sounds more gay if to me for some reason! hmm...)

    They look just as butch and muscular, too!


    However, just earlier today, they released from artwork from a new patch for FF14 and on it was, in a rather sneaky way, a FEMALE Roegadyn.

    Apparently female roegadyn are supposed to be really rare, but when they add them in it'll still tarnish my image them as the Race of Bara Men :(