It's that time again!

Apron Post!

Such an all-purpose piece of equipment.

Whether for working . . .

Cooking . . .

Or getting in touch with your nurturing, care-giving side . . .

They're just the best!

Just be sure to wear other clothes underneath them.

Otherwise you could cause fatal distractions and nosebleeds.

Some might even take it as . . .

. . . an invitation?!



  1. i think you should check out an anime called Fairy Tail (if you are already not looking at it)
    Theres a guy in it (who is hot) and always takes his clothes off unknowingly

  2. I love the waiter and the cook but all these pictures are great!
    I think I have an apron fetish now. :)

  3. Ted De Riseis (newdedalus71@yahoo.com)August 17, 2011 at 9:16 AM

    Compliments for Your site! I'm a real apron-fetishist and You gave me moments of pure joy! I like the way in which aprons fit to the shape of muscled men (as I am!), the way in which they hid and reveal, the sensual enhancing of the cock, and the way (at the opposite of what people normally thinks, judjing apron a merely female garment)in which aprons make men more hard and more male!
    I left my e-mail address, to change more images and opinions Thank-You again. Ted.