Team Fortress 2

One of my pals started playing this game the other day . . .


  1. Someday a straight man will come here and and feel manly because of THIS post ^___^

  2. Yay tf2 pron ftw
    I love this blog

  3. I should mention that Solly/Engie is my OTP. And I don't even PLAY.

    ...I know, it makes no sense whatsoever (other than both of them being mind-meltingly hot). BUT JFC I JUMPED FOR JOY WHEN TF2 FANDOM DECIDED TO PUT OUT SOME MOAR OF THAT.

  4. Just so you know, there are nude mods for TF2 now. You can get them at TF2chan, but I don't recommend going there right now; one of the mods decided to change all the backgrounds into a nightmare for epileptics.

    If you can brave it, and make your way into the Gmod section, you can find many pictures of the nude cast being posed in all manner of ways!