Kochikame: Playing Doctor

Another screencap post! I guess it is a day for screencaps.

One day in episode 169, Ryo-san goes to the hospital for a routine physical. His fellow police box officers come along too. Everybody's getting checked out!

But this is a zany comedy series. Hijinks must ensue. Instead of going along with the procedure quietly, Ryotsu sneaks off and sinisterly disguises himself as a doctor.

Then he takes charge of his co-workers' procedures and leads them off. Just what is he planning to do with them?
Why, slide their hospital gowns up quick as he can and run his hands all over their bodies, of course.

Makes perfect sense.

While he's at it, perhaps he lets slip that further exams are required to ensure their good health.

What kind of exams, you ask?

Apparently the kind that you need to be strapped down for.

They start to grow apprehensive . . .

It only grows worse when Ryo-san slides on some latex gloves.

Every man with a sphincter knows what kind of test that means!

Whoosh! Down come Ohara's shorts.

Whoosh! Down come Nakagawa's designer briefs.

Whoosh! Down come Terai's tighty-whities.

Well ain't that cute. Three nice butts in a row.

They wiggle around in further consternation. They didn't sign up for a proctal exam!

That's when . . .

Ryo-san reveals his true identity!

Oh, that lovable goof!

But for some reason, his three fellow officers are less than pleased at his little prank.

How dare those mooning buffoons not laugh at his joke!

Take that!

Heh heh heh.


  1. I MUST have this episode in my collection!!!
    Please please please tell me you know where I could download it. ^____^

  2. Hahaha! I seriously laughed out loud at the image of those guys rolling down the hallway with their asses in the air. While the humor in this show is so sick and perverted, I LOVE it!

  3. ......The fish in the butt at the end is just..... priceless.

    I love this show.

  4. Sidious! I download from over here: http://www.tusdivx.org/anime-peliculas-series-y-ost-en-dd/23352-kochikame-%5B174-203-367%5D%5Bdd%5D%5Bmegaupload%5D.html

  5. Any of my friends did that to me, I'd grab the nearest blunt object beat them with it till they blacked out, then I'd handcuff them to the four corners of a bed, and use a razor to write on their bodies " This is what you get for fucking with me !"