Kochikame DS

Some screenshots from the Kochikame DS game.

Looks like a nice, wholesome game for children!

The object of this particular mini-game seems to be shielding the view of Kaipan's nude bod with . . . Ryotsu's nude bod! So the object is CENSORSHIP.

This is Kaipan's first appearance on the Stash. He'd have shown up sooner, except my trouble acquiring episodes with him in them has so far surmounted my abilities to overcome. Some day!

For now, enjoy the, er, gameplay!

I think I'd be too distracted to be very good at this game . . .


  1. Tell us where to get the game, man!

  2. you can get the game here : http://ow.ly/2rjoI

  3. I hope we get episodes with Kaipan some time. He looks pretty hot and hopefully this scene is a part of an episode. :D

  4. I would always lose this mini-game.