Fundoshi Salesmen

For this week's Fundoshi Friday, I thought I'd go the sales pitch route.

From episode 5 of Sakigake Otokojuku. This is what happens when they go out in public.

They're a real hit!

Yes, you too can own a hand-made fundoshi to gird your loins in! Cheap cheap cheap!

Who could refuse such a special offer?

Well, no one if you get your fundoshi-models to attack the prospective buyers.

So that's how it works . . .


  1. That one scene has "Suprise Buttsecks" all over it...

  2. Your mom has surprise buttsecks all over it.

  3. Croup, honey, remember where we're at.

    It's more likely his dad has surprisebuttsecks all over it.

    Yes, I - in fact - went there.

  4. DAY-UM!

    Ya'll be all up in dis place talkin' bout mah family and stuff.

    But...my dad was a serious horndog so...

    Inferno is closer to the truth.